Unlike the song, we always aim to raise the bar.

No matter who we choose to work with, we move into projects and processes with the highest of ambitions. From the very first meeting, throughout the design and development process, to the launch and beyond!

In it to win it

We’re proud of the recognition we’ve gotten over the years. The Webby Awards, the Lovies, the FWAs, the Awwwards, The Danish Digital Awards, The Creative Circle Awards and so on and so forth (did I mention we’re proud?) - but going for the gold and trying out for trophies is not just about the bragging rights. It’s actually mostly about agreeing - internally as well as with our clients - to aim for greatness. That’s why we love our trophy shelves. They remind us set the bar high and shoot for the moon.

Take a look at some of Limbo's trophies on: Awwwards, Lovie Awards, Webby Awards and Creative Circle.

In it together

Teamwork makes the dream work, right? And there is no I in team, correct? Good. Now that we agree on the fundamentals, we can work together. Cause at the core of everything Limbo is collaboration.

Teams in Limbo aren’t based on particular skill sets. They aren’t pre-defined, and they aren’t static. A Limbo team is whomever is right for a certain challenge at a particular time. And we truly believe that good ideas are not conceived in a room with an Art Director and a copywriter, while the rest of the crew holds their breath waiting for the absolute truth to drop. 

And when we talk about teams in Limbo, we mean the entire team. From the guys on the payroll to the external playmates and of course the clients. The brave, adventurous, knowledgeable, awesome clints.