Different people are good at different things.

Luckily, we have a lot of different people at Limbo, meaning we’re good at a lot of different things.

Here’s a run down of some of the stuff we do, but to be honest, we’re not that big on titles, departments and labels. We’re more interested in building good stuff and solving actual problems.


Facilitation, ideation, brainstorming, co-creation. A pet child has many names. At the end of the day, what this means is that at Limbo we love working closely with our clients, and we are good at driving the process.

Whether it is about defining the brand, coming up with new ideas in business- or product development, or simply getting to the bottom of the specific needs in a project, we know how to get everyone to dance to the same bea


Identity has moved into the digital sphere, and we moved into the novel art og branding and identity work years ago. Cause identity is all over the place. Especially in digital. Of course it’s about the logo, the colour palette and the font choices. But identity also lives in animations, in interactions and in page transitions.


At the very core of Limbo is design. Design as in a way of approaching our surroundings, our clients and our projects. Design as a state of mind and as a way of thinking. Facing challenges. Finding ideas. Figuring out solutions. Methods that move us forward. 

But also design as in craft. As in knowing what works and why. As in knowing the boundaries and pushing them. As in challenging the status quo, and executing to the highest level possible.

We were brought up on design thinking, and we carry that legacy and heritage with us into everything we do


Content is king, right? At Limbo we don’t believe in leaving our clients with an empty shell of a website, and little ideas of how to fill in the blanks. Maybe it’s because we’re storytellers at heart, maybe it’s because we can’t help but follow through on the projects we get involved in. Most likely it’s a bit of both.

That is why we often help our clients with tone-of-voice, copy, images, video and other types of content.


We looove that tech! From playing around with every no-code service and tool under the sun for prototyping, to writing line after line in a never ending quest for awesome experiences, we’re all about the opportunities given to us by the mighty internet. We have a deeply rooted preference for Umbraco, when it comes to platforms, but we’re not religious.

Project management

It takes a steady hand to take a project from A-Z. And at Limbo we take pride in not just managing projects, but also processes. Our project managers act as daily liaisons between clients and talent, but they also know when the time has come to bring everyone together around the table. “On time, on budget” is a given, at Limbo, but it is not the end all be all. The most important thing is to get to the right place, the right way. And our team of seasoned project managers know how to do exactly that.

Hosting, support & maintenance

Some guys will put you up in a crummy web hotel, and never call you again. Not us. We care about the projects we help build, and we take tremendous pride in keeping all of the engines purring like little kittens. After all, kittehs run the world, right?